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2015-08-13 Church and feast

We moved our boat over from the sand spit to the village anchorage mid-week and walked in to see our hosts on Thursday afternoon.  We asked to walk to the next village, roughly a 10 minute walk. Junior, their son, accompanied us.  We came across two adorable girls, sisters.   I could have stayed there all day and [...]

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2015-08-24 Picnic at the Sand Spit

The whole village came over to the spit, using various means of transport. The locals took a few of the cruisers spear fishing while some other men hunted coconut crab and fished with nets.  They came back with several coconut crab, a lobster and several mullet.  They wrapped the fish up in leaves and poured [...]

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2015-08-25 Clamming and Kava

After church, we hung around the village anchorage for 3 or  4 more nights.  The weather had not been great with wind and rain and cloud.  We wanted good visibility to move the boat around the reefs inside the lagoon.   We did a few projects on the boat and visited with some other cruisers. [...]

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2015-08-29 Fulaga Farewell

We paid our host family a final visit, for the last time, FINALLY!  It was about 11am, but Ma, whose full name is Manaini, insisted we have a couple roti filled with pumpkin, chinese noodles with chicken flavouring and curry spices.  As she had made a big batch of the roti for the bake sale, we insisted [...]

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2015-08-30 Passage to Kadavu

Around 730am on August 30th, we left the spit anchorage at Fulaga. We motored around the little islets and shallow reefs and proceeded out the pass.   The wind came up to about 20 knots so we raised the main and unfurled the genoa.  We enjoyed several hours of nice sailing, but the wind dropped later [...]

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2015-09-01 Dravuni

We dinghied to shore of Dravuni Island and were met by a local man.  We asked to whom we should do our "sevusevu" (offer our yagona root).   Another man who appeared to be in charge of such matters accepted our root bundle, recited a few words for the "sevusevu", in Fijian, and then welcomed us to enjoy [...]

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2015-09-02 Swimming with Manta Rays

We heard that manta rays were known to frequent a reef by Vuro Levu Island, about 6 miles south of Dravuni.  Gaia had gone the day before so we had put a tracker on the boat so we could follow their route.  We dropped anchor close to the same spot Gaia had, on the west side of [...]

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2012-09-03 Blue Fin

We departed Dravuni Island about mid day.  We were torn but it was time to find some provisions. View of Dravuni as we headed out of the lagoon We put out the fishing lines and before we had left the lagoon, we had a fish on! Blue Fin Tuna It was not [...]

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2015-09-07 Musket Cove

We left around noon from Dravuni and sailed over night to Musket Cove, navigating the pass in the reef next to Namotu Island at daybreak.  Surfers were out catching some clean waves on the surf break close by and several small fishing boats were trying their luck.  We had the lines in the water but [...]

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2016-09-10 Port Denarau

We decided to sail over to Port Denarau, on the mainland of Viti Levu.  It had a big marina and excellent provisioning was available in Nadi, a short bus ride away. Field Trip, a sister boat to ours, was at Port Denarau, anchored just outside the marina. I had emailed Mark about how the anchorage [...]

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