December Alpenglow in Whistler

Happy Holidays!  2021 was another year away from our boat due to the ongoing border closure in NZ. Despite the many lockdowns and pandemic restrictions, we had a very good year at home in Whistler. 

We got in lots of skiing before the sad news that the mountain had to shut down due to the major outbreak in Whistler. 

Monty on our last day of skiing before the mountain was forced to close due to the pandemic

In July, we chartered a power boat out of Vancouver. Please see our blog posted on that trip.

Our charter boat, Untethered

Over the summer, we golfed with many Whistler friends at Nicklaus North, with bears sometimes joining us on the course.

A Black Bear saunters across the 13th Hole as we played through.
4th Tee Box at Nicklaus North

We are grateful to have access to a great variety of mountain-biking trails around Whistler.

By an old Douglas Fir on the Sea to Sky Trail, May 2021
Monty on the Sea to Sky Trail, north of Whistler

In late August, we flew to Nova Scotia to see some of my family and friends.  We were glad travel restrictions were lifted allowing us to visit my dad, now 96. My sister, Shauna, and her husband, Payson, warmly hosted us in their beautiful home overlooking the Northwest Arm in Halifax, across the street from my childhood home.

My Dad, age 96

We fitted in a memorable trip to Cabot Links Golf Resort on Cape Breton Island. The winds howled at 30 knots from the north, (not the prevailing winds), making the course play extremely difficult. It was a fun to experience their three courses. Walking the spectacular long Inverness Beach was also a highlight. Definitely like to return sometime and spend a bit more time in the area.

Shauna, Payson, Margy and Monty at Cabot Links on a brisk day!

In November, we flew to a kiting spot in La Ventana, Baja, Mexico. It was nice to have a little break in the sun, get kite-boarding again and enjoy some excellent, inexpensive, Mexican food! 

Many modes of water sports being enjoyed these days.
Monty catching some air.

Over the year, I have been busy with my photography, supported by my photographer neighbour, Paul Wright.  I earned three accreditations and some awards with the Professional Photographers of Canada. A few friends have requested prints, which is encouraging. To check out my photography website, google Nice to have that life-long hobby! 

Monty achieved his goal of filling the crawl space with wine so he was forced to improve his recycling skills!  

We are back to winter and ski season. Despite carefully following protocols, Monty tested positive for COVID, likely Omicron, after a brief ski trip with friends. Given I was a close contact, we self-isolated together.  He had mild symptoms, and I had virtually none, likely because we had had our boosters.  Fortunately, he finished his self-isolation period in time for Christmas. Always the joker, Monty reflected: “A ski trip was an excellent way to boost one’s immunity!” 

We fit in one more trip over New Years with friends, Al and Kim and their three daughters from Thunder Bay.

At Mustang Powder Cat-skiing Lodge
The cat heading down after dropping us off
Following COVID protocols in the cat (Al was eating :-))
View from the lodge
Sunrise above the clouds at the start of a run

We hope to be able to return to our boat and embark on another cruising season when New Zealand reopens its border, hopefully in 2022! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Ho, Ho, Ho!

Our Santa, a treasured hand-me-down from my Dad!