Monty and I arrived back in New Zealand in mid-March.  We lived on Whistler at the boatyard for 5 nights.  Contending with a ladder to get on and off the boat, no practical cooking facilities, public showers and peeing into a bucket at night is never much fun.  We ate out most evenings and refamiliarized ourselves with Whangarei’s restaurants.

The weather was dreary, showery, cool and changeable.  Occasionally the sun would come out and we would stop complaining till the  next downpour.  We survived the brief “camping” experience with a multitude of projects constantly on the go and trying to restock the boat.

Whistler’s position, (the blue triangle) on the hard at Norsand Boatyard, Whangarei

A number of boat projects were done while we were away in Canada but a few remained for when we returned.  A brief list of the major projects included:

  • Installing new glass cockpit hatches ordered and shipped from Langley (Canada) to replace the plexiglass sliders.  This will allow more airflow into the cockpit.  Unfortunately, the hatches we ordered didn’t quite fit the old hole, so a lot of work had to be done to fit them in.
  • All the other overhead hatches were rebedded.
  • The antifouling was refreshed.
  • The gelcoat hulls were waxed.
  • The propane system was tested.

Whistler “splashed” on March 20th.

Whistler on the trailer leaving the parking spot in the yard

Whistler being hauled through the busy yard

Being lowered into the water, fingers crossed there are no leaks and that the engines start!  All went well.

Whistler docked on the courtesy dock in front of The Quay Restaurant, Whangarei (March 21st)

Another view of Whistler on the courtesy dock with her new grey canvas connector and dinghy chaps.

Another downpour in Whangarei

Monty dining amongst the tool for the day’s projects.

The Barge Inn, a new gathering spot for the cruisers in Whangarei

My dream camper van! Quite original and a piece of art, don’t you think?

Provisioning at the Saturday Farmers’ Market in Whangarei

Our cheese guy

We were in great company in Whangarei with some good friends (you know who you are) and two Antares, our sister boats.

Chuck on a sister ship, Exit Strategy in Whangarei Marina

Golden Glow, another of our sister ships, arriving at Whangarei Marina

Golden Glow docked at Whangarei Marina

Out for dinner at the Quay with friends from Golden Glow, Exit Strategy and Mango Moon

Enjoying good company and hand crafted margaritas on Exit Strategy

Next up, my sister and her husband come to visit!