We enjoyed some good (windy) conditions for kiting in October at Nananu-I-Thake.

Monty riding “switch”

Local Fijians watching Monty as they commute passed the spit.

Local cruise ship cutting between the kiters in the channel.

Warren and Monty setting up for a downwinder from the lagoon to Safari Lodge.

Warren helping Monty get launched in the lagoon.

Beach at Safari Lodge, Nananu-I-Ra

Beach at Safari Lodge at low tide

Old windsurfers at Safari Lodge

Kite rigging area at Safari Lodge

Fales (cottages) at Safari Lodge

Dining area at Safari Lodge

I had a mission, to get more comfortable with flying the kite and get up and riding in both directions.  It was scary at times and I took a some spectacular plunges into the ocean.  Warren from Safari Lodge was my instructor, a patient teacher with tons of experience.  He stayed close to me in his yellow boat, shouting instructions.  Occasionally, he had to leave me floating with my kite gear to pick up another kiter who had been blown downwind but I always felt he was looking out for me and that I would not get into trouble.

Warren holding my kite while I got ready to launch.

Margy riding with Warren in pursuit.

Hard to learn without getting wet!

Up riding on my good side, same as snowboarding!

Riding the other way.

In mid-October, our weather router gave us a heads-up that a window for a passage to New Zealand was getting close.  We, regretfully, left Nananu-I-Thake and headed back to Port Denarau to prepare to leave.  We plan to return next season for more kiting and lessons!