Whistler participated in the 35th Fiji Regatta Week at Musket Cove. It was our second time at the regatta. Close to 100 boats gathered for the festivities.

Our kite instructor, Warren, and his friend, Dr. Lizzie, took in some events with us.

Warren kindly took my place in the Hobie Cat Challenge with Monty. Winds were very light on the morning of their heat. Monty was told he missed the coin toss to have a choice of the Hobie Cats which was a little fishy. 

Monty and Warren in the middle. Cat behind was from an earlier heat.

It was a close race for a while but they lost to a local gal who runs the dive shop and her partner. Perhaps “local knowledge” made a little difference when there is almost no wind or was #4 a “dog” of a “cat”? Well fought, guys, in challenging conditions!

Later that day, Whistler went in the Sandbank Race.

Hanging back at the start line to let the serious racers get away. Notice the glassy seas.

Traffic at the start line!

Rather casual on S/Y Whistler at the start line!

Amici, a Beneteau Oceanis 55, owned by NZers and fellow kiters on the downwind leg.

After rounding the mark, Amici cuts through the pack on the way home!

Udderlife in a near head on!

Rewa, owned by Dave from Maine (formerly worked for Hinkley Yachts) is a 1968 65-foot 30-ton aluminum boat. Dave sails her single-handed! He had 15 crew aboard for the race!

Whistler closing in on Rewa!

Spinnakers heading our way on the downwind leg.

Whistler flying her code zero on a close reach in less than 5 knots of wind! (Thanks to Russell from OCTenders for the photo!)

Warren kept busy trimming the code zero and directing the helm to maximize our speed in 2 knots of apparent wind! It was not easy telling us what to do, but he was very tactful! Margy said, “What do you mean, we can’t use autopilot!” ūüôā

The race committee kindly moved the final mark closer so some boats could finish, but the race was really over as the winds dropped to near zero!

Attempting to fly our Parasailor in winds too light even for that high-tech sail! Whistler put in a good effort but sadly DNF’d. ¬†Not the only one, we might add!

The fleet anchored off the Sandbank for lunch, fun and games!

Warren and Lizzie taking a break.

Of course, Monty and I had to enter the golf tournament. ¬†First time we had played golf in 2 years. We were instructed by the organizer that it was a “fun 9-hole competition”, with each foursome sharing one half set of ancient men’s clubs. We lost several balls, duffed a few shots and had a laugh! Somehow I managed to clench the lowest score for the ladies (with a field of 3 in that category)! ¬†The prize included a shopping bag of pop and water bottles and a gift box of Fiji soap and oil. Right back in the “swing” of things!

We took in most of the sponsored events, which were good value.  Some entertainment was provided on a few evenings, but the lineup of bands was not as good as we recalled in 2016.  We managed to hook up with some cruisers like Havachat we had not seen in a year or more.  Overall, a worthwhile well-run event for the yachties!

We leave you with a sunset in Musket Cove.