We said good bye to Annie and Chuck on our sister ship, Exit Strategy, last Saturday.  ES and Golden Glow are headed for Minerva Reef and then Tonga.  We hope to catch up with them in Minerva Reef (23 37.34S 178 55.86W).

Annie and Chuck

Here is a look at Minerva Reef.

North Minerva Reef Diagram

We have been busy getting the boat ready and provisioned for a few weeks until our next landfall.  We have also bee studying the weather forecasts and getting advice from our weather router!  We have been getting regular updates from GG and ES and they are having a good trip though they hit a hole and have had to motor for a few days.  They are sailing a mile or two from each other which is cool!

A foggy morning yesterday in Opua.

We got the thumbs up that this is the last day with a good weather window for weeks, so we checked out and are heading out from Opua this am.  It is showery and gusty at the moment.  We will have our tracker on (See Whistler on the Map – Delorme).  We will post again when we get to Fiji.