Whangarei is big on “street art”:

Older buildings on appropriately named Bank Street:

One Art Deco survivor, the old library on Rust Avenue, now used as a music studio

One of the many unattractive streets with a variety of faded store fronts:

We bought our Asian foods at King’s Mart. The town is filled with thrift shops, panel beaters and tyre shops!

The marina office and adjacent restaurant

With all the rivers crossing through town, the street layout is rather haphazard.  Some major intersections have 5 streets coming into them.  Pedestrians cross in all directions at the same time at a few of the main intersections! It created some confusion for us at first.

One of the grocery stores, just a short walk from the marina.

Pork chops from Pak’nSave, always sold with the rind. Kiwis like their fat!

A deserted Mall early on a Saturday morning.

Miniature structure built to raise funds for a new museum/gallery planned.A craft market under the walking bridge, only happened once as the season was winding down.

Out for a dinghy sail

A big GunBoat in the marina

A rather eye-catching graphic on a cat.

In case you needed a closer look!

One of numerous park/playground features along the river walkway, popular with the many young families in town.

Monty working out.

Kate and Steve invited us for Easter Brunch on Blue Summit. Elaine and Roy from Paw Paw on the right.

At the dive shop, trying on masks and hoods.  If that don’t scare the sharks away…

On a hike to the waterfalls:

Sunrise view from our boat

Next up, a car show and our trip to the Bay of Islands.  Please stay tuned!