At the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings, we walked from the marina to the Whangarei Growers Market.

Fish, meat and cheeses:



Stingray, caught not far from our marina

Lots of mussels and oysters grown near by.

Aged gouda and blue cheese are hard to pass up!  We took them on passage last year and will again!

Heaps of vegetables:

These herbs as grown hydroponically in a hot house at 40c. They are sold with the roots to help them survive for at least a week. I was told not to bother trying to replant them as they would not survive. They lasted well though.

For fruit, mainly apples were available as it was late in the season.  We noted some less familiar fruits but were shy to try some of them.


The flowers are quite reasonable. They lasted quite well on the boat, probably because it was quite chilly at night.

A few food trucks are a popular part of the market.

This and that, but no wine sold at this market.

Buskers of all ages:

As we were leaving the market, we decided to take a different route back to the boat.  We noticed a line of people outside a cafe across the street.

Monty discovering the “bakery”.

The Hare Krishna restaurant has fresh baking on Saturday mornings! I recall Christian, the former owner of our boat, mentioning this bakery to us in 2015.  It is probably a good thing for our waistlines that we didn’t find it sooner!

Scrumptous fresh baked breads, croissants, sticky buns, apple turnovers and samosas

Chocolate croissants, too rich for us but we couldn’t resist a few croissants!  Our best food find in Whangarei!

On the side of the building, there is an interesting notice.

Mustn’t leave you without a sunrise or sunset…

Rainbow at sunset over the town basin