Whistler is a PDQ Antares 44i catamaran, built in Ontario, Canada in 2007.  In the spring of 2015, while docked in New Zealand, she was bought by Margy and Monty.  She was renamed “Whistler”, where her new owners met and spent their weekends skiing and golfing.

M&M split their time between S/V Whistler and Whistler, British Columbia.  In 2015, they sailed to Fiji and in 2016 and 2017, to Tonga and Fiji.  For the cyclone season, they have kept the boat in New Zealand.

They look forward to another cruising season in the South Pacific in 2018, starting with Fiji.

Margy and Monty hope you will follow them on Whistler and keep in touch by adding a “Comment”!

  • Nananu-I-Cake


    Fifty-two days at Nananu-I-Cake! A sufferer of "itchy anchor syndrome", who would have guessed I (Margy) would have let Whistler remain in the same anchorage for that long?  It was an interesting and active time for us. We arrived at Nanana-I-Cake Island (pronounced Nananu-I-Thake) with S/Y Fusio on June 21st. For a few days, it [...]

  • Bays and Bats

    Bays and Bats

    After finishing our Advanced Open Water Dive Course in Savusavu, we headed south. We planned on following our sister boat, Exit Strategy, to Fulaga, 200NM south in the Southern Lau Group. About 20 miles south of Savusavu Bay, we reassessed our itinerary.  It looked like it was going to be a long slog, motoring much [...]

  • Suva Excursion

    Suva Excursion

    While eating spaghetti on Monday night, Monty's crown fell off (his tooth)! Luckily, he didn't swallow it.  We were on our boat near the kiting spot off Nananu-I-Cake, 150 miles by car or a two-day sail from any major Fijian centre. The blue dot is where we were anchored. We immediately sent messages to [...]

  • Diving & Snorkelling in Fiji

    Diving & Snorkelling in Fiji

    We anchored Whistler off the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort. It was a nice anchorage, with 5-star resort views! The resort bures line the shore. Resort dock The resort caters to families. Children enjoy an array of activities with their Fijian nannies during the day, giving the parents some free time.  These girls [...]

  • 2018-05-13 What to do in Savusavu?

    2018-05-13 What to do in Savusavu?

    After our trip to the Ngelelevu Lagoon, we arrived back in Savusavu on Cinco de Mayo.  We had returned with the idea we would go on to Nananu-I-Thake to kite.  Unfortunately, our timing was off.  My kite instructor was going away for 10 days.  Monty could kite, but not me, as I needed more instruction [...]

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