Whistler is a PDQ Antares 44i catamaran, built in Ontario, Canada in 2007.  In the spring of 2015, while docked in New Zealand, she was bought by Margy and Monty.  She was renamed “Whistler”, where her new owners met and spent their weekends skiing and golfing.

M&M split their time between S/V Whistler and Whistler, British Columbia.  In 2015, they sailed to Fiji and in 2016, to Tonga and Fiji.  For the cyclone season, they have kept the boat in New Zealand.

They look forward to another cruising season in the South Pacific in 2017, starting with Tonga.

Margy and Monty hope you will follow them on Whistler and keep in touch by adding a “Comment”!

  • 2018-04 Bay of Islands

    2018-04 Bay of Islands

    My sister, Shauna, and her husband, Payson, arrived in Whangarei on Easter Friday from Christchurch.  They had been in New Zealand for a few weeks already and had toured much of the country.  Fortunately, along with a few bottles of scrumptious wine, they brought good weather with them! On Saturday morning, we scurried around to [...]

  • 2018-03 Whangarei

    2018-03 Whangarei

    Monty and I arrived back in New Zealand in mid-March.  We lived on Whistler at the boatyard for 5 nights.  Contending with a ladder to get on and off the boat, no practical cooking facilities, public showers and peeing into a bucket at night is never much fun.  We ate out most evenings and refamiliarized [...]

  • 2017-10-17 Nananu Kiting

    2017-10-17 Nananu Kiting

    We enjoyed some good (windy) conditions for kiting in October at Nananu-I-Thake. Monty riding "switch" Local Fijians watching Monty as they commute passed the spit. Local cruise ship cutting between the kiters in the channel. Warren and Monty setting up for a downwinder from the lagoon to Safari [...]

  • 2017-10-10 To Go or Not to Go

    2017-10-10 To Go or Not to Go

    We were told by our weather router that we had a reasonable weather window for sailing to New Zealand last week.  It is still very cold (12-14 degrees) with frequent storms there but we wanted to take advantage of a good passage window if it presented itself.  We motor-sailed west from the kiting spot at [...]

  • 2017-10-05 Savusavu & Makongai

    2017-10-05 Savusavu & Makongai

    After a 3 day sail from Tonga in mid-September, we cleared into Savusavu, Fiji.  It is a familiar town to us.  We were lucky to meet up with friends on Marilyn and Mustang Sally. We reprovisioned and went out to some Chinese, Indian and Thai diners in town.  Dining out is cheaper than eating on [...]

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