In mid-October, we embarked on a road trip from Whistler to La Ventana, Baja California Sur, Mexico. By driving, we could bring our toys and avoid the hassle of flying. Google Maps said it is about 4000km. Monty loaded the car with 2 inflatable paddle-boards, 3 kite boards, 4 kites, wet suits, snorkel gear, 2 sets of golf clubs, my camera gear and clothing for the various sports and three seasons. Our e-bikes were mounted on the back with locking cables. The car was riding a little low!

Due to an afternoon start, it was dark when we reached Seattle rush hour traffic but we got through to Olympia without too much delay. Our first stop was an AirBNB called Charlotte’s Annex on a gated acreage in Tumwater. The Annex was a suite off their garage/workshop. We were relieved to find accommodation where it was safe to leave our gear inside the car overnight. We still felt it was better to bring the bikes into the room overnight.

Next stop was Bandon Dunes Golf Resort for 3 nights. We arrived on a beautiful day, and went for a stroll on the course.

A group finishing on the 18th Hole on the Bandon Dunes Course
The Bandon Dunes Lodge

The next morning we went for a brief warm up at the extensive practice facility, with not one but two ranges. This is a male-dominated resort!

We played the Pacific Dunes Course with a caddie carrying both our sets of clubs. For the first few holes, it was sunny but chilly. We dressed in layers with an extra light wind breaker in the bag in case the wind picked up. The caddies assured us we did not need our down sweaters so we left them with the proshop.

The fog bank was lurking.

Then the fog rolled in!

Below, Monty with our playing partner and their caddies as the wind picked up. Time for another layer! Why didn’t we bring our down sweaters?

Monty with another golfer and the caddies about to tee off.

The next morning, we drove into the town of Bandon, about 20 minutes away. It was a sleepy old fishing village now relying on tourism with gift stores and coffee shops.

Bandon Coffee looked popular.

At the mouth of the river, we could see the historic Coquille River Lighthouse dating to 1896.

Coquille River Lighthouse
A breakwater at the harbour entrance. Notice the small US flag mounted on a memorial.

The second day we played Bandon Dunes. We dressed better for the different conditions we experienced during the round. We enjoyed the golf and views on both courses.

Deer are resident on the 5 golf courses. This stag stood on his hind legs with remarkable balance and agility to munch on the Old Man’s Beard. Someone joked that he was looking for Monty’s golf ball!

A family of raccoons prowled around the clubhouses, opening the pockets of unattended golf bags to look for snacks.

Dining at sundown at the main lodge in the more casual restaurant.

Part 2 of our road trip to Baja is coming soon!