On a couple of occasions, we borrowed bikes from the Sandy Beach Lodge on Foa Island and rode to Pangai, a 14km distance on reasonable paved roads. This was a way to get to town to do our inter-island clearance with Tongan Customs and to pick up provisions without moving our boat from our little anchorage off Foa Island. Fortunately, the islands are quite flat, though a head wind made us peddle harder on the way back.

Monty at the causeway that connects Foa and Lifuka Islands.

Margy on the tarmac, which crosses the only road.

A RealTonga flight taxiing down the strip. This inter-island airline has daily flights to Nuku’alofa, though they are often cancelled due to mechanical issues or bad weather.

Farm animals grazing in a field or yard are common along the road.

Reminded me of our beloved pet goat, Bambie.

Free range pigs

Newly planted banana plantation

A convenience store on Foa Island. Notice the garbage can.  We noticed a real effort is being made to keep the Ha’apai clean.

The gas station on Foa Island.  All fuel is brought to the islands by ferry in 45 gallon barrels.

Water tower, one of many projects funded by foreign government aid.

Typical Tongan home with pandanus leaves drying on the lawn. The leaves are used for weaving mats and baskets.

Quilts and fake flowers used to cover and decorate a gravesite.

Memorial and gravesite for a the Port au Prince that was attacked by Tongans in the Ha’apai in 1806. For more. read William Mariner’s book, Tonga Islands.

One of many churches

Mormon missionaries are active in Tonga.

School kids heading home from school.

Kids are always happy to say “Hello!” to us.

It was good to get a little exercise and take a “land tour” of a Foa and Lifuka Islands.