Out for a dive with Matafonua lodge.  I had had a head cold the week prior and didn’t feel I should dive due to some sinus congestion.  While Monty went diving with the rest of the group, I watched for whales from the boat.  During the rest period between dives, we saw some whales but not close up.  The divers went for their second dive at Lua Lafalafa, a reef off Ha’ano Island in the Ha’apai, a few miles from our anchorage.  While they were diving, a couple turtles surfaced near the dive boat.  After I hadn’t seen any whales for a while, I jumped in for a snorkel.  We were anchored in about 5 metres so I hung around close to the boat and watched the other divers below me.  I saw lots of fish and a small white tip shark.

Suddenly, a whale approached the group of divers and hung out with us for about 15 minutes.  We were very lucky!

It was very cool to be in the company of such a large gentle creature!

After our dive/snorkel with the whale, we headed back to the lodge.  On the way, we saw numerous whales just a few hundred metres away spy-hopping, tail and flipper slapping and just surfacing for air and descending again.  It was wonderful to watch!

We are told to come back again in about 2 or 3 weeks and we will see lots more!  Stay tuned!