We enjoyed lots of snow during the winter.  Here are some shots from around Christmas time.

Our Santa, inherited from Dad, at our front door

Our deck railing

Scenes around Blackcomb Mountain:

Family time:

Over Christmas, Carol and Jeremy braved the cold and snow to visit us in Whistler from their home on “a Pacific island” (Vancouver Island)! No winter boots with this couple!

A visit to Mt. Baker with Murray.

M&M at Mt. Baker

Monty with friends, Rik and Greg

At the top of 7th Heaven, one of our favourite ski areas. Monty took this chair over 200 times over the season.

Margy’s January visit to Nova Scotia:

With Shauna and Dad at the Parkland at the Gardens

Payson clearing the snow in the driveway

Shauna and Payson’s house after the snowfall

With my good buddy, Brenda

With Dad in his lovely apartment at Parkland At The Gardens.

Margy’s March visit to Nova Scotia:

Peggy’s Cove:

Celebrating my Dad’s 92nd birthday with Shauna and Payson at the RNSYS

It was great to see my Dad, sister and Payson in Halifax!  My siblings and I are so lucky that Dad is still well and enjoying life at his new residence in Halifax.

A BIG thank you to my Dad for making the “huge move” from his apartment in Vancouver to Halifax and for dealing with all his belongings before he moved! Thanks go to Norma-Jean, Don, David, Shauna, Payson, Lynn, David, Carol and Sandra who helped with preparing his condo for showing and getting him moved.  With no close friends or family left in Vancouver, it was a difficult but appropriate transition.

He is now close to Shauna, Payson and some of his old friends, and making some new ones at Parkland.  Finally, a heartfelt thanks to Shauna and Payson for taking on the daughter/son-in-law role that Monty and I gladly had in BC for many years with Dad living nearby.  For us to enjoy our cruising life, having Dad in a safe and caring environment was critical!