We were enticed by the well-advertised whale swimming tours.  We went with Mounu Island Resort.  Alan picked us up from the boat in Anchorage 15 which was a bonus.


We caught up with a few “heat runs”, with 4 or 5 males chasing a female, but they were moving so fast, we could not swim with them.




Two other whale-watching boats were jockeying for position. 20160805-114934-0340WB

We carried on looking for a mother and calf.  We came across a few moms and calves, but they were not settled enough for us to swim with.  We had a visit from a pod of dolphins who played on our bow for a time.



The “hunt” continued to find a suitable whale.  Two were frolicking nearby and allowed us to approach.  Monty and I were told to get in the water with the guide and 2 other guests.



The whales were not very close and slowly moved away.  20160805-092612-1080414W

Our skipper followed one, a female.  The other 4 guests got in and got up close and personal with her for a long time.  We watched from the boat, amazed!






We switched rotations with the group in the water but the whale had had enough and dove deep resurfacing a few times, but then moving away.  We watched her descend and ascend a few times, straight up and down.  It was pretty cool but the water was too murky to get a good shot with my little waterproof camera or GoPro.  We listened to the whale songs while in the water which was really cool too!

Another whale came up to our boat on our way back to the lodge.  If you look closely, you may be able to see a wound on his tail.  Their skin is apparently very soft.



It had been exhilarating to get in the water with such massive gentle beasts who continue to tolerate the whale watching and swimming tours.  Hard to think these animals were hunted not so long ago!  Good thing they don’t have memories like elephants!