2017-05-10 Passage to Tonga

We departed Opua, NZ, on May 1st, 2017.  It was a sunny day, our weather router had given us the thumbs up and we were finally ready for the passage! Ninepin Island, as we leave the Bay of Islands Another passage, another sunset...thought we saw the Green Flash but I didn't get [...]

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2017-05-17 Nuku’Alofa

After a seven day sail from New Zealand, we arrived in Tongatapu on May 8th.  We called port authority on the VHF numerous times on Monday afternoon as we were motoring in to ask for instructions as to where to tie up to clear in but no one answered.  Finally, Chris on Trigger, a large 60 [...]

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2017-06-28 BC Guests

On June 13th, Christy and Brian, friends from Vancouver/Whistler, arrived at the Fua'amotu Airport in Tongatapu. Christy sporting her Lobster neck roll, how Maritimer of her! On the ferry from town to Pangaimotu, Big Mama's, where Whistler was anchored. It was like Christmas for us as they had brought some things [...]

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2017-07-14 Dive/Snorkel

Out for a dive with Matafonua lodge.  I had had a head cold the week prior and didn't feel I should dive due to some sinus congestion.  While Monty went diving with the rest of the group, I watched for whales from the boat.  During the rest period between dives, we saw some whales but [...]

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2017-07-25 King & Church

On July 4th, Tonga celebrates their King's Birthday and he was in Vava'u for it. Street decorations to honour King Tupou VI The entrance to the King's Vavau residence. Maybe the king is inside that van! Every home in town was decorated with flags or ribbons to honour his majesty's [...]

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2017-07-27 Vava’u Views

Like last year, we spent Canada Day in Vavau. We were the only Canadian boat in town! We flew a few large flags to celebrate our nation's 150th Anniversary! Celebrating Canada Day with cruising friends, Amy and David on Starry Horizons (from the US) and Mark and Dianne from Mustang Sally (from [...]

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2017-07-31 Sailing “news”

This season, we have sailed several times up and down Tonga's chain of island groups.  We arrived in Tongatapu on May 9th. Our routes have taken us to Ha'apais, Vava'u, Haa'pais, Tongatapu, Ha'apais, Vava'u, Ha'apais, Vava'u and back to Ha'apais, where we are now.  Since leaving New Zealand, we have logged over 2,000 nautical miles [...]

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2017-08-09 Matafonua

We have been to the anchorage off Foa Island several times now.  Darren and Nina at Matafonua Lodge have been very welcoming.  Matafonua Resort has 10 fales, pronounced "falays", (sleeping huts) with shared bathroom facilities. The setting is quite beautiful with a large lagoon on the eastern side of the island and white sand beaches. [...]

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2017-09-09 Nuku Beach Party

Back up in the Vava'u Group, we heard on the net about a birthday beach party at Nuku Island celebrating a few September birthdays.  I detected a Maritimer accent on the radio and gave S/V Serengeti a call. In deed Sue was originally from Hudson, Quebec, and had attended UNB. As I am also a [...]

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2017-09-12 Blue Lagoon

No, not the Blue Lagoon featured in the movie, but the one in Tonga! We had spent the previous day sailing about 25 miles to check out a little "fair weather" anchorage off Mananita Island, the furthest south in the Vavau Group.  We fished on the way but had no strikes.  We saw a few [...]

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