Arrival at Wallis

Why Wallis? We wanted to experience something different from Tonga and Fiji, geographically and culturally. We also heard there were some kiteboarding spots. Where is Wallis? The island group sits in the South Pacific around 13º 17' South and 176º 10' West. It lies about 350 miles north-east of Fiji and 250 miles west of [...]

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Spotted Eagle Rays in Wallis

We heard there were a few good snorkel spots so we set out to explore them. In calm conditions, Devil's Hole was about 12 minutes by dinghy from the anchorage off Ile Fugalei. It was a deep pool surrounded by wall of coral. A second site was to the south. Devil's Hole is the top [...]

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Wallis Island Tour

We decided to take advantage of an improving weather forecast and do a land tour of Uvea, the main island of Wallis. Muddling through in French with the rental agency, we booked a small SUV for a Saturday. We invited Kat and George from Scoot to join us for the day. Wallis has no tourist [...]

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Wallis Territory Day Celebrations

On July 29th, Wallis & Futuna celebrate Territory Day marking the anniversary of the 1961 signing of the agreement between France and Wallis & Futuna.  It was a big event so we attended with Mark and Jill from S/Y Excel, a yacht from Marlborough NZ, and two French yachts. The kick-off was a lengthy catholic [...]

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Kiting in Wallis

The weather in Wallis for the first two weeks had not been “flash”. Numerous troughs bringing cloudy conditions, frequent squalls, heavy downpours and gusty high winds had battered the island. With all the rain, it was easy to keep the water tanks full, do several loads of laundry and keep the decks clean. Our main [...]

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