Adventures of Whistler

August 10, 2019

Foa Island, Ha’apai Group

By |August 10th, 2019|Categories: 2019-Tonga|

We waited in a safe, sandy anchorage off Ha'apai Beach Resort near Pangai for a couple of nasty troughs to pass through. Buckets of rain fell and gale-force winds briefly whipped up. Whistler's Anchor Watch [...]

July 11, 2019

Fishing in Vava’u

By |July 11th, 2019|Categories: 2019-Tonga|

We were sipping our cappuccinos on the boat on the weekend in Neiafu, wondering what we were going to do for the day. We had been getting pretty bored lately, waiting for a weather window [...]

Uonukuhahaki & Uonukuhihifo

By |July 4th, 2019|Categories: 2019-Tonga|

Seeking refuge from the southerly swell, we sailed north about 30 miles. We hooked a few fish on the way. This skipjack didn't quite make it to our boat before a large wahoo took a [...]

June 29, 2019

Telekitonga Island

By |June 29th, 2019|Categories: 2019-Tonga|

It is a treat to have an uninhabited tropical island to ourselves. Telekitonga is one of the eastern barrier islands, located 15 miles northeast of Kelefesia and 60 miles north of Tongatapu. Similar to windward [...]

Kelefesia Island

By |June 26th, 2019|Categories: 2019-Tonga|

We left Tongatapu and sailed to Kelefesia, about 50NM north. On the way, we caught a mahimahi. Something for the freezer! Bull mahimahi We found a sandy patch and anchored with plenty of swing room. [...]

Tongatapu Tour

By |June 14th, 2019|Categories: 2019-Tonga|

We took a couple days to get checked in with the Tongan officials, rest and reprovision. The weekend was coming up and Saturday was looking like it was going to be a nice day. Our [...]

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