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Birds on Passage

As we leave New Zealand we see numerous seabirds like gannets and petrels but as we get further from land, encounters are less frequent. A few hundred miles north, we sometimes see Albatross. This pair of Royal Albatross circled our boat for a while. Always a treat! This albatross flew around our boat for several [...]

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South Minerva Reef

We arrived at the South Minerva Reef on May 6th. North and South Minerva are atolls about 18 miles apart, set roughly 800 miles from New Zealand, 250NM from Tongatapu and 350NM from Suva, Fiji . The reefs are submerged at high tide but provide a spot to take refuge (and do boat repairs) on [...]

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Passage Moments

Not everyday, but as we approached Latitude 25, and again between Minerva and Tonga, we had some squally conditions. It took our full concentration, watching the skies and radar to try to anticipate their path and maneuver around them. Generally they moved east to west. Our radar screen showing red and green indicating heavy rain [...]

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Tongatapu Tour

We took a couple days to get checked in with the Tongan officials, rest and reprovision. The weekend was coming up and Saturday was looking like it was going to be a nice day. Our taxi driver, Inoki, suggested he could take us on a tour of the island for a special price of $150 [...]

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Kelefesia Island

We left Tongatapu and sailed to Kelefesia, about 50NM north. On the way, we caught a mahimahi. Something for the freezer! Bull mahimahi We found a sandy patch and anchored with plenty of swing room. Saltheart was anchored a little closer in and two more yachts arrived a couple hours later. Ian, Wendy and Amy [...]

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Telekitonga Island

It is a treat to have an uninhabited tropical island to ourselves. Telekitonga is one of the eastern barrier islands, located 15 miles northeast of Kelefesia and 60 miles north of Tongatapu. Similar to windward islands in the Ha'apai Group, it is low-lying and fringed by reefs. A sandy beach lines the shore and palms [...]

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