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2017-04-02 April in Whangarei

Over the past couple weeks, we have been busy with boat projects.  Monty has been working non-stop, checking and charging batteries, cleaning, polishing, greasing, etc.  On a calm day, I helped him go up the mast and put up our new lazy jacks. Replacing the lazy jacks Last Sunday, we took an afternoon off [...]

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2017-04-06 Life Raft

Our life raft is probably approaching 10 years old and its certification had expired in February, 2017.  Every 3 years, lift rafts are supposed to be "repacked".  Only 3 companies in NZ do this for the major life raft brands.  We were quoted about $2,000.   It is the price for peace of mind. Dave Berg, a friend and professional [...]

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2017-04-22 Farmers’ Market

At the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings, we walked from the marina to the Whangarei Growers Market. Fish, meat and cheeses: Snapper Mullet Stingray, caught not far from our marina Lots of mussels and oysters grown near by. Aged gouda and blue cheese are hard to [...]

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2017-04-30 Snippets from Whangarei

Whangarei is big on "street art": Older buildings on appropriately named Bank Street: One Art Deco survivor, the old library on Rust Avenue, now used as a music studio One of the many unattractive streets with a variety of faded store fronts: We bought our Asian foods at King's Mart. The town [...]

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2017-04-30 Car Show

This blog is dedicated to my brothers!  Whangarei had a big car show in the middle of town.  It was quite an affair, with hundreds of cars, live music and crowds.  We were able to wander around before it really got underway.   My favourite!

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