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2015-08-01 Back to Savusavu

We left Paradise Resort on Taveuni Island at 0730 and headed northwest for Savusavu, a 45 mile trip. At 1040, we had a hit on both fishing lines, again somewhat simultaneously.  One fish seemed pretty big but managed to free itself fairly quickly.   Monty brought the other in quite quickly, without much trouble.  It was a [...]

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2015-08-07 Where to next?

We hung around Savusavu for 6 days.  The New World supermarket had just opened and though prices were not much different from the M&H, we found some items we had not previously found in Fiji.  Funny how something like Table Water Crackers can get you excited!  We bought some chicken wings that looked nice and [...]

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2015-08-09 Sand Spit

We stayed anchored by the sand spit at the southern end of Fulaga for a few days and explored the area by dinghy and paddle board. The sand beach surrounding our anchorage Monty paddling around the lagoon Whistler anchored by the sand spit at low tide Sand spit [...]

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2015-08-10 Sevusevu at Fulaga

On Monday, it had been arranged for Chara, Citrus Tart and Whistler to present sevusevu to the village chief.  The village had been given a VHF radio in the past year to facilitate communication with the cruisers, quite brilliant! We headed off on our dinghies to the clam shell-lined beach closest to the village. After jumping [...]

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2015-08-13 Church and feast

We moved our boat over from the sand spit to the village anchorage mid-week and walked in to see our hosts on Thursday afternoon.  We asked to walk to the next village, roughly a 10 minute walk. Junior, their son, accompanied us.  We came across two adorable girls, sisters.   I could have stayed there all day and [...]

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2015-08-24 Picnic at the Sand Spit

The whole village came over to the spit, using various means of transport. The locals took a few of the cruisers spear fishing while some other men hunted coconut crab and fished with nets.  They came back with several coconut crab, a lobster and several mullet.  They wrapped the fish up in leaves and poured [...]

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2015-08-25 Clamming and Kava

After church, we hung around the village anchorage for 3 or  4 more nights.  The weather had not been great with wind and rain and cloud.  We wanted good visibility to move the boat around the reefs inside the lagoon.   We did a few projects on the boat and visited with some other cruisers. [...]

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2015-08-29 Fulaga Farewell

We paid our host family a final visit, for the last time, FINALLY!  It was about 11am, but Ma, whose full name is Manaini, insisted we have a couple roti filled with pumpkin, chinese noodles with chicken flavouring and curry spices.  As she had made a big batch of the roti for the bake sale, we insisted [...]

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2015-08-30 Passage to Kadavu

Around 730am on August 30th, we left the spit anchorage at Fulaga. We motored around the little islets and shallow reefs and proceeded out the pass.   The wind came up to about 20 knots so we raised the main and unfurled the genoa.  We enjoyed several hours of nice sailing, but the wind dropped later [...]

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