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July 7, 2015 – Savusavu-Hike-Dive

On Canada Day, we hiked up the hill overlooking the bay and harbour. It was a hot sticky walk but the breeze helped to keep us cool. We walked up several roads and tracks, but had to back-track a number of times to finally find our way back down the hill. We strolled through the [...]

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2015-07-08 Passage East

We rose very early on the 8th of July and freed Whistler from the mooring, our home for the last 3 ½ weeks.  We were heading east to Fawn Harbour, Viani Bay or somewhere in between.  We hoped to catch Spirare and A-Train at the anchorage by the Cousteau Resort. Spirare had already set sail but A-Train [...]

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2015-07-11 Nasasabo Bay

We anchored between A-Train and Spirare in Nasasabo Bay, inside Dakuniba Pass.  Our first evening started out peacefully. Spirare as sun set on the hills around the bay We had a lovely sunset with a rainbow of colours. Sunset in Nasasabo At dusk, we noticed hundreds of birds flying overhead.  We later determined [...]

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2015-07-12 On our way to Viani Bay

To leave Nasasabo Bay and go into Viani Bay, we needed calm conditions and good visibility to see the coral heads in the passes as well as to anchor. At first light, the skies were overcast.  We were not sure this was going to be the day to exit Nasasabo. A bit later in the morning,  it started [...]

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2015-07-18 Viani Bay

The morning after arriving in Viani Bay, Roland from Dolphin Bay Divers arrived with his dive boat and jumped in to have a look at our anchor which was definitely snagged in two towering coral bombies. His dive boat sped off to do a dive with a few of their guests and would return to [...]

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2015-07-19 Viani Bay to Katherine Bay

We decided to leave Viani Bay with Joanne and Serge on Spirare on July 19th. Monty and I both did not want to leave Viani Bay, but the winds were predicted to crank up and go south and Serge did not like our anchorage for those conditions. We were concerned about finding a different anchorage [...]

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2015-7-20 Albert Cove, Part 1

We pulled our anchor from the mud bottom in Katherine Bay and sailed out with the main up and then unfurled the jib. The wind was on the beam and then behind us as we rounded the point. Then we turned north east and had it on the beam again as we ssiled to Albert [...]

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2015-7-22 Albert Cove Part 2

Albert Cove is indeed a beautiful place, especially on a calm day! Whistler in Albert Cove On the way back to the boat from the beach one day, Joseph asked if he could try out Monty's paddle board. Joseph on Monty's board As always, a race ensued. Monty in the [...]

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2015-7-23 Albert Cove Part 3

We are waiting for the winds to drop, but the forecast is not very hopeful for a few days yet. We have to have clear weather so that we have visibility for navigating the reefs too. We still have lots of meat and fish in the freezer but are gradually working through the fresh veggies [...]

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2015-7-29 Albert Cove to Katherine Bay

The next day, the weather was fairly nice, with slightly calmer conditions. I had hoped to leave but Monty was concerned it was still too windy. He took on another project: attaching the hoses for the salt water faucet for the galley sink.  It was not long before he discovered it was leaking so after some [...]

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